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Below are six workplace safety tips with benefits. Interestingly, workplace safety is neither magic nor rocket science. We have selected these few for two reasons. The first is their efficiency and the second is their simplicity.

1. Have safety standards clearly written.

Most things will never get done in the office except they are written. It is important that you have safety standards well-articulated and written down for all to see. It is also important that you ensure that you put  written rules and standards in a simple language that will be easy for both professionals and novices to understand.

2. Promote a culture of Safety.

By every means, promote and support the culture of safety. In a very simple way, this means that you have to promote having your staff and visitor adhere to the safety standards you have originally articulated. Make sure that staff and every team understands that obeying safety practices is a part of the workplace culture.

3. Promote a healthy workplace.

Sometimes you will have staff, workers or even professionals who for some reasons would want to stay on their duty posts even when they are not healthy enough. For this reason, you might have workers sleeping on duty while handling machines or keeping watch on something. Management and human capital department need to be prompted to emphasize the need for workers to be in perfect health before being deployed to duty.

4. Check for slip/fall hazards.

One of the most common workplace hazards is falling. Falls are however very easy to identify and prevent. Enforcing the use of non-slip mats on slippery areas is one simple solution. Another simple solution is to ensure that you clearly mark potential slip spots and steps. And in all simplicity, make sure that you have all potential slip hazards like robes and objects cleared whenever sighted.

5. Keep fire exits clear.

You would say that this is obvious. But most times, you find out that this simple rule is ignored. In fact, you would find out that there are no fire exits at all in some organizations. Except where safety is prioritized, you would find out that many organisations and companies hardly run fire safety drills, from year to year.

6. Regularly inspect protective gears and PPEs.

PPEs such as welder’s goggles or safety harnesses are your team’s first line of defense against workplace hazards. But these PPEs can wear out with time. So you would need to ensure that you carry out regular inspections on these. Ensure that all PPEs in use are regularly checked. This way, avoidable hazards

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