Common Mistakes Made While Buying Safety Shoes

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The most common mistake made while buying safety shoes is setting out to buy a cheap safety shoe or nothing.


Upping the budget a little to get a deserving safety shoe is something to be proud of. Not for ego purposes though. Basically, you usually get what you paid for. As the saying goes, “Good things are not cheap; cheap things are not good”.

Naturally and expected, saving money is part of the budget managing skills that we expect from a manager. But this becomes an issue when and if quality and value are sacrificed for the sake of saving money.

Besides being bent on cheap and affordable shoes, below are some other common mistakes people make while ordering safety shoes.

Choosing the Wrong Size

With safety shoes, there is need to be as exact as possible. This is because most safety shoes are built rugged and must survive hard and hash contacts and impacts. Ironically, these contacts include your feet. So while efforts are made to have inner padding and lining that will suit your feet, the shoes are largely hard and hardened. So if the shoe is too tight, you will suffer bruises. And if the shoe is too big for you, you will not only feel uncomfortable, you might suffer bruises as well. So there should not be any case of let us manage it, when it comes to sizes.


Being too Keen on Visual Appeal

Clothing generally are fashion statement, whether we intend them to be or not. So safety shoe manufacturers also have come to consider visual appeal as an essential part of the production and design. But these shoes can hardly contend with regular sneakers and fashion shoes. This is because, visual appeal is actually not the most important concern in the production of safety shoes. There are more pressing needs like, durability, meeting international standards, and maxing up at the functional level with competitor products. So next time you are choosing, you might want to allow your HSE, Procurement or supplier some space as far as style goes.


Buying the right shoes for the wrong environment

Safety shoes are meant to serve specific purposes. As much as the purposes defer, each safety shoe is meant to withstand one bad or poor environment or the other. So what happens when and if your safety shoe does not survive the hash environment faced by the workmen? Then there is a failure. The failure here is not only of product, but of choice. To avoid settling for shoes that will fail, you might need to”

  1. Check the features of the shoes.
  2. Confirm the materials that shoe is mode of.
  3. Ensure you understand the risks and exposures faced by the users of the safety shoe
  4. Be certain that the shoe’s materials can survive the use environment
  5. Ask the supplier more questions

So next time you are making a choice on what shoe to buy for safety purposes, put these in mind. We just settled on these four because, as we said, THEY ARE COMMON.

Think Safety. Be Happy.

Courtesy of Green Shield Safety

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