Benefits of Reflective Jackets and Vests

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What really are the benefits of reflective jackets and vests? Many work areas have proved to be risk-prone and dangerous. In some environments workers  find themselves using big machinery which move large amounts of objects that could potentially fall and injure people.


Reflective jackets and vests are high visibility clothes in form vests and jackets that help increase visibility for workers in a work environment, thereby preventing accidents.


In the absence of large machines in a work environment as it were, we might have vehicles, tools, panels, slabs and scaffolds and light equipment that can create danger for the workers and visitors. To help reduce/eliminate the risks involved in these types of environment, the use of vests and high visibility clothing must be enforced.

This cannot be ignored because avoidable accidents can occur, causing injuries to either workers or non-workers passing near such an area. This is the basic justification for the use of vests and reflective jackets.


The major reasons for the use of high visibility clothing


Increases vision:

High visibility clothing increase vision for one simple reason – our eyes are naturally designed to take in brightness and bright colours easily. So in a work environment, a person in a vest would be more easily seen by everyone including drivers and users of heavy equipment,  thereby minimizing risks of being hit unknowingly.



Being mandated to put on high visibility vests or reflective jacket has a way of boosting the confidence of the worker or the visitor using it. It simply tells the user that “this organization cares about my safety”. It tells everyone that your company is safety conscious.


Improves General Safety-Attitude:

If the HSE and management enforces the use of vests and high visibility clothing within their sites, it would raise the safety consciousness of  everyone in that environment. Handlers of heavy equipment and drivers will more easily, UNCONSCIOUSLY, increase their safety attitude. This is usually because, it gets registered in their minds that everyone in a vest is important to the company.


On the flipside however, refusing to enforce the use of these vests and reflectives will …

  1. increase the rate of accidents in the work place
  2. get people seriously injured and probably build up lawsuits filed against the employer or company if safety clothing was not provided.
  3. increase medical expenses for the company
  4. lead to disabilities for the accident victim and create emotional trauma for the witnesses of the accident


As an HSE officer, procurement, HR and management, a lot can be achieved and avoided by adhering to this simple safety standard. Come to think of it,  these vests and jackets are supper cheap.



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