6 Secrets About Safety Shoe Guide That Nobody Will Tell You

Safety Shoe Guide
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These secrets about Safety Shoe Guide are the ones most peddlers of Safety shoes wish you do not know. The reason is that these would definitely inform your buying decision and it might not be in the favour of these peddlers. This is possible if the seller do not have a wide range of Safety shoes to meet every need of their customers. They feel it is better to keep mum over these to protect their interest of you sticking with them in your buying adventure.

Without much ado let us dive into these secrets that Safety Shoes peddlers wish you never know before making the purchase.

1. Safety Shoes have Basic Features

The first thing to note here is that every safety shoe regardless of its purpose must have the basic features. These basic features actually are what actually makes a shoe or boot a safety shoe. The basic features that must be in every Industrial shoe are listed below without which the shoe is not qualified to be a safety shoe.

(a.) Steel Toecap or composite Toecap for protecting the feet and toes against heavy objects dropping on it.

(b.) Anti Slip feature to prevent slipping when standing on slippery surfaces or materials.

2. Safety boots are built for different working environment

Before you make the decision to buy any safety shoe for your industrial staff you need to know that different Safety boots are built for different purposes. Please be aware that different features are introduced into the different type of safety shoes depending on their purpose. Ultimately the purpose of every safety shoe is tied to the sector or environment they are meant to be used. The different sectors that Safety shoes could be suited for are manufacturing, power, Oil and Gas, Security, Military and Para military, Agriculture, mining, Fire fighting etc.

For example the mid sole protection feature is required in any working environment where sharp objects are rampant and could easily pierce the shoe sole to harm the wearer. Likewise the anti static feature is a must for workers who work in environment prone to electric shock.

3.  Materials for safety boots differ

What inform the material used for the different safety boots is the purpose of the shoe. For the upper part it could be leather (full grain, Baton, action), mesh or suede. The sole could be Polyurethane (PU) or rubber or Micro fiber. For example suede shoe is not suited for wet environments. Likewise the shoes that have breathable mesh for the upper part is meant for mining workers where the environment is generally hot. So never let any vendor of Safety shoes push any shoe make available in their warehouse down your throat. It is better you make a list for the features you want and the shoe vendor source for only the shoes that meet these.

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4. Safety Shoes are not indestructible

Please note that no matter how strong a safety shoe is, it can be destroyed when subjected to harsh condition beyond the normal use. Do not let any vendor hoodwink you into thinking that a particular Safety boot can be subjected to any condition and still be safe to use forthwith. Let’ say it this way, most safety shoes expire once it is done protecting you against the eventuality it is meant for. For example a safety shoe that did a good job of protecting your staff from a heavy object or impact is done with this job after the impact. It must be replaced immediately after that impact to ensure continual safety of your staff.

5. Safety shoes do expire with time

Note that every safety shoe has an expiry point starting from when it is manufactured. And the period of expiry is mostly between two years. Also note that generally safety shoes are meant to last for at least six months from the day of first use. So henceforth never purchase a safety shoe without knowing its manufactured date, then do the calculation yourself.

6. The more the features, the more the cost

Lastly, please remember that every safety shoe has different features and the more the features packed in a single shoe the costlier it will be. So you might need to stick with the shoes that has just the features needed for your industrial staff to put a head to the cost.


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